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 Wolfstar's Online Bio

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PostSubject: Wolfstar's Online Bio   Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:45 pm

I. Common Knowledge
Born into the world as a male
Has lived to see the light of 36 full moons
Was once known as Wolfhowl/paw/kit
Now comes to the calling of Wolfstar
Will also respond to the name of Wolf

II. Clan Affiliations
Provides aid to CavernClan
Claws at the ranking of leader
Lusts for no other ranking
Once served as a warrior, and deputy
Passing knowledge to no apprentice
Has given knowledge to one apprentice
Gained knowledge from Silverfish

III. Family
Received maternal care from Ambergaze
Received paternal care from Snakestripe
Littermate to Viperbite and Hawkcry
Younger/Older brother to no other cats

IV. Love Life
Takes a second look at no she-cat
Heart skips a beat for no she-cat
Yearns for no she-cat
Soul bound with no she-cat
Heartbroken by no she-cat

V. Heir
Mated 0x
Tainted the world with 0 kits
Currently caring for no kits
Has cared for no kits in the past
Adopted no kits

VI. Health
Physical Health 100%/100%
Mental Health 97%/100%
Ill? [x]no []yes
Ill with -
Injured? [x]no []yes
Injuries -
Scars - Scar over left eye, and over nose; Torn right ear

VII. Abilities
Swimming xxxxxxxxxx
Combat xxxxxxxxxx
Climbing xxxxxxxxxx
Hunting xxxxxxxxxx
Vision [Day] xxxxxxxxxx
Vision [Night] xxxxxxxxxx
Hearing xxxxxxxxxx
Stealth xxxxxxxxxx
Stamina xxxxxxxxxx

VIII. Appearance and Such
Long Hair xxxxxxxxxx  Short Hair
Tall xxxxxxxxxx Short
Skinny xxxxxxxxxx Fat
Unfit xxxxxxxxxx Muscular
Deep Voice xxxxxxxxxx  High Pitch Voice

IX. Personality Traits
Short tempered
Cares for very few

X. Relationships

[Music may contain explicit language]
Wolf's Voice and a theme song. The guy who speaks at 0:45 in the black and red armor known as Sharkface who say's "You're very efficient in administering pain, Carolina, but pain is something I've learned to live with."

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Wolfstar's Online Bio
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